Just finished season 4 of Doctor Who last night.  Oooooh my glob!  So many feelings!  I can’t contain it!  Firstly, I love that Rose gets her doctor.  If nothing else I’m happy just for that.  And ugh! that scene where she asks them both what he said to her before disappearing.  In my opinion, I think the real doctor did tell Rose he loved her, but I think he told her that it didn’t need to be said, because he wanted her to be happy with the meta crisis doctor.  I think leaving her again probably tore him up, but he knew he couldn’t be with her, and that she’d be happy with the meta crisis doctor. 

But man, the Donna stuff made me sooo sad!  Donna was a great companion, and I really hated seeing her revert back to her old self.  She had finally learned to have confidence in herself, but she lost all of that.  I only hope that this time her mother is more encouraging, because good lord! it’s no wonder why she had no confidence.  I just want to see her life turn out well.  

Sooo yeah, I’ve seen three companions now, and Rose is still my favorite.  Donna comes in second, and third is Martha.  To me, Martha always felt like the rebound girl, and it kind of annoyed me how she fell for the doctor and was often whiny about it.  She did have good traits, but I think she lacked that spunk that Rose has.  She relied too often on the doctor to save them, and it wasn’t until that year without him that she really learned to stand on her own. 

Donna was a lot of fun, because of how she was always arguing with the doctor.  She was never one to just listen to the doctor.  She always had an opinion of her own.  And she was definitely the funniest.  I also loved her compassion.  She would be an amazing human rights activist. 

Rose is still tops in my book, I think because she was so relatable.  She was an average girl of slightly above average intelligence.  I think she found she was smarter than she thought she was.  She was street smart and very brave.  One of my favorite things about her was her ability to keep her head in tough situations.  Yes, she trusted in the doctor to save them, but she was gonna try her hardest to fix it herself.  Rose saved the crew of that ship outside the black hole, she converted a dalek, she saved the doctor by looking into the heart of the tardis, and the list goes on. 

Who knows, one of the newer companions could end up being my new favorite, but I’m still happy Rose got her happy ending.