My OC Pony, Top Stitch

I wrote out a little bio for my OC, Top Stitch.  I’m still working out the design (mainly colors and hair) so that’ll have to wait, but here’s a little bit about her if you’re interested. 

Top Stitch is a pegasus pony from a city called Richmare.  Growing up she always felt as though she didn’t fit in with the other pegasus ponies, because she wasn’t a strong flyer.  While all the other pegasus fillies were out playing sports, Top Stitch was inside drawing or crafting.  

She quickly realized at a young age that she loved to create things.  Despite having a creative soul, her endeavors didn’t come easy. Being a pegasus, and therefore possessing no magic, Top Stitch had to work extra hard.  Because of this, she suffered from low self esteem, and although it was evident to everyone else that Top Stitch was meant to do something creative, it took her a long time to realize this.  She was one of the very last in her class to earn her cutie mark.  

    She always enjoyed trying new artistic mediums, and one day she asked her mother to teach her to sew.  Over the course of time Top Stitch became infatuated with sewing and made costumes and clothes and studied new techniques.  Yet despite spending all this time sewing, it took her a very long time to realize that this was her special talent.  Eventually, she learned that earning your cutie mark doesn’t necessarily mean one is born with a talent for something.  Sometimes they have to work harder than others, but if it’s something they are truly passionate about, then it doesn’t matter.  
    Her dream is to someday design and make costumes for the movies and the big shows in Canterlot. 

She is indeed a pony version of myself.  In my head she is good friends with Fluttershy and makes little costumes for Angel Bunny.  I want to draw this eventually.