Why do I have to get depressed every time I talk to my dad?

In some ways, I finally feel like I am figuring out who I really am.  It sucks that it took 27 years, but I am glad all the same.  

If you had told a 10 year old me that in 17 years I’d be obsessed with fashion, wearing pretty dresses, and sewing I’d laugh in your face.  I did not wear dresses.  I did not wear pink.  For the longest time I felt kind of ashamed to enjoy feminine things.  I didn’t want to be one of “those girls”.  I liked video games and I wore comfortable clothes.  

I didn’t start wearing dresses until high school, and even then I was still super awkward.  I mainly stuck to my comfortable jeans and t-shirts.  I never realized back then that by dressing the way I did, I was stifling any growth in self confidence.  

In the past few years, I have accepted and embraced my femininity.  I finally realized that I can wear pretty, feminine things and still be the tomboy I have always been.  

And very recently I have become more adventurous in my fashion sense, and I am realizing that it makes me feel confident.  I’m finally recognizing a style that I can look at and say, “yeah, that’s my style”. It’s kind of amazing.  

I meant to post this a few days ago, and I know Rob doesn’t like attention so I’m posting here instead of facebook, but he finished his Nanowrimo novel!  First time since he started doing it 3 years ago.  I’m so proud of him.  :D

Some day we’ll be able to afford nice furniture…

I just thought of the best idea for a Christmas present for my dad! He’s so hard to shop for, because he usually buys everything he wants right away. That or he wants some expensive electronics that I can’t afford.

Anyway, he’s been looking at getting a nice Captain America costume for Halloween since The Avengers came out, so I am going to make him the shield! Even if he never gets the costume I know he will appreciate the shield, and he can hang it in his office. Plus, it’s something he can’t buy! (Well he can buy one but it’s going to be really shitty.) This is gonna be so cool!

My own dad wants me to do free (last minute) graphic design work. Gdi…

Every since I started attending conventions 11 years ago, I’ve wanted to go to Anime Expo, which is touted as the biggest anime con in the country.  Well, this past weekend I finally got to go, and sadly I feel very let down.  Excluding the unfortunate events that made this past weekend one of the worst weekends ever, here’s what I thought about the con.

The dealers room and artist alley were great, but the management of the con was horrible (not quite as bad as Nekocon, but then again AX has way more people).  We get there wednesday night to pick up our badges, go inside the convention center and walk to registration only to be told that we need to go back outside and all the way around the building to get in the line.  There were NO signs directing anyone.  If we had known, we wouldn’t have even come inside.  

Well that was just the beginning.  At the actual con, there were so many people that the hallways everywhere where packed.  I have to say that the Los Angeles convention center is a horrible place for con this size.  I mean, you have to expect crowds in the dealer areas, but even in the hallways of the upper floors where the video rooms were there were just people everywhere.  

At one point, in a particularly narrow hallway, we came to a block where this group of cosplayers were having their pictures taken by a bunch of photographers.  I’ve been the cosplayer in this situation before, and yeah, I’m not gonna bust your balls if you get one or two photos taken and then move on, but they were doing pretty much a whole photoshoot!  And this other guy was using his arms to hold people back.  Well, Rob got angry and just walked straight through anyway.  The guy started yelling at him, “why you gotta be a bitch about it?” and I’m like, “dude, it’s a HALLWAY.”  He starts on about how he didn’t say excuse me, despite the fact that he himself was literally holding people back with his arms, when finally some staffers show up and tell them they can’t block the hallways.  I wish I had told him not to touch me.  

When we did try to watch something in one of the video rooms, it was too full and we couldn’t get in.  The only place that didn’t seem to be bursting at the seams with people was the video game hall.  

I think next year, I’ll skip AX and make a big fancy ball gown for the Labyrinth of Jareth’s Masquerade Ball that is the same weekend.  

You know what? I need to just take a minute to compliment myself.  I don’t do it enough ever, and if you can’t recognize your own strengths and successes, who else is going to?  I need this drilled into my head.  

Anyway, if you know me well, you probably know that I have been working on 12 custom dolls for the past several months.  I’ve recently finished them, and while they’re not perfect they’re pretty damn great.  For the record, I have never made a custom doll ever, and now I have not 1 but 12 under my belt.  I learned and tried a lot of new techniques for the first time.  I repainted the faces from scratch, I made and styled doll wigs, I learned to sew doll clothes (from scratch), and I made my first two part mold and successfully cast 10 pairs of shoes.  All that, and I think they resemble the characters they’re based on pretty well.  It was a lot of work, but I saw the project through to the end.  

So yeah, that’s pretty damn awesome I think.   

Feeling majorly depressed today and I’m not sure why…

So Rob got a new job, and his new salary is more than the two of us made combined in Virginia.