ryanmoody said: Need that Jake and Finn.

They came from Target!  I had seen one Finn at my Target in LA, but his hand was broken.  I didn’t even know Jake existed!  I’m so happy my mom was able to find them both!

ryanmoody replied to your postOh hey!  Nintendo added a new female character to…

The game has one more year of development. I wouldn’t worry. I really want Krystal from Starfox and Daisy from the Mario series. I kinda like the WTF aspect of it though. Plus MOTHER FUCKING MEGA MAN.

Yeah I know, and they do like those WTF characters.  I am happy for Mega Man fans, though I’m not particularly one myself.  He seemed like a no brainer, and I’m surprised he wasn’t included last time.  

Krystal could be interesting, but I’ve always been kind of put off by her unnecessarily over-sexualized figure.  She’s not even human, but she’s female so she has to be sexy!

Also, they could have just as easily made the Animal Crossing villager the female version.  I’m still hoping that the female version will be available as an alternate costume, but since AC is known for it’s ability to wear different clothes I’m thinking the chances are slim.  

I’m not really knocking the game, I’m still really really excited for it, but it’s just one of those things I think about.  Okay I’m done ranting now.  


Oh I know. I’m just terrifired of heading over there with nothing. I was hoping over time to get connecitons. it’s just with me on black hell next week…..I’m just a sad panda.

Yeah, I can understand.  Man, I can’t believe it’s been a year already! 

But yeah, I was thinking the same thing as well, but I realized my life was going nowhere working for my dad.  Fortunately, I have Rob’s income.  Money is tight, but we’re making it by.  I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything, though.

……….can I have a editing job…….still wish you luck.

Man, if you want one you gotta come out here.  I’m telling you, they’re here.  You might not be paid a whole at first but it’s still better than Target, right?

Btw, word of mouth and who you know is everything in this city.  I don’t have a lot of connections yet, but it’s very possible I could help you out in the future. 

First Thundercats now this shit. Well you can watch the TMNT toon on Nick or watch the Hub. if CN didn’t have Regular Show or Advventure Time I would almost be done with SN.

Same.  :/

I assume you woke up to Dreamworks Draogons instead?


I used to see this kind of stuff all the time at flea markets/Boot sales all the time in the UK. Honestly considering I read Tintin comics and watch Looney Tune Blu-Rays with some ammount of blackface I really have no right to comment.

Yeah, I just read the wikipedia page for “golliwog”, because I had honestly never heard of the term.  Apparently it was primarily a British thing.  It’s a tough situation.  On the one hand, I don’t think history should be ignored, but I also don’t like the thought of Etsy profiting from it.  And the people making and selling new dolls is just totally not cool.  

And I also don’t blame you for liking the Looney Tunes or Tin-Tin.  They are products of their time and that type of racism was not really a big deal.  I mean, even when I was watching Jem I noticed bits of racism at points.  Like that Aztec Enchantment episode or the whole “white savior” thing in their charity work.  They played up the stereotypes quite a bit.  But it is what it is.  We can’t change it now.  We can only learn from it.

If the 2nd Looney Tunes Blu-Ray Set, MLP: FIM Season 1, Transformers: Prime Season 2 and others were not coming out I would so buy Jem to add to my unhealthy blind love of my 80’s childhood.

At least it’s on netflix?  I know what you mean, though.  It’s fun to have the box sets. 

Also sorry if my Merman stuff is included in that. :P

Haha, dude you need to stop apologizing so much!  It wasn’t.  If it was, then I would have no right to ask you to like my cosplay page, since they’re basically like the same thing.  

But nah, it’s just mostly stuff that I either have absolutely no interest in (like Christian stuff or people trying to sell crap like candles) or I’m too far away to support (the roller derby team in NY). 

No Lori„„,my heart is broken. :P LOL

Haha.  Maybe if I some day find myself going to a DC themed pool party?  Mermaid tails are kind of hard to walk in at cons.  XD